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My background is in Education and University Student Services.  I began my adventure in weaving and textile design shortly after I had my third child.  I decided to take a weaving class at my local guild.  I instantly fell in love with the art.  I bought my first loom, a 60" Leclerc Colonial, and there it stayed untouched for almost 3 months.  I was so intimidated by it's massive size!!  Once I began my weaving class I gained confidence and got to work!!  My goal was to make myself baby wraps to hold my little ones close and it turned into a full fledged business in under a year.  

I love designing and creating original, unique, heirloom quality textiles.  Since beginning I have expanded into dying my own yarn, handwoven scarves and cowls.  I am also working with a fantastic Canadian maker WD Handbags who is now sewing one of a kind handbags and wallets with Quinnzie handwoven fabric.  I will be adding kitchen and livingroom decor to the Quinnzie line up in the next 6 months.

Outside of weaving I spend my days at an office job at our local Univeristy, as much time as possible with my beautiful family and pups <3

If you have any questions or comments about my work please email me.


Weaver and Designer

Quinnzie Handwoven

Jessica Stevens - quinnziehandwoven@gmail.com - Edmonton Alberta Canada